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Mobile Tech Automotive: The automotive service centre on wheels.Mobile Tech Automotive: The automotive service centre on wheels.


Special Equipment

Computer Diagnostics
  • Each dealer has diagnostic capabilities for computer systems of all vehicles. (domestic and import)
  • "Service engine" light indicates malfunction within the engine management system.
  • Computer diagnosis using a scan tool through the data link helps determine possible sensor or actuator malfunction.
  • All dealers have computer diagnostic training and the ability to diagnose and repair with up-to-date equipment.
Fuel Injection System
  • Each dealer has equipment for fuel injector cleaning and service.
  • Whether your vehicle has throttle body or multi-port fuel injection systems, the system requires regular maintenance.
  • Fuel injectors continually pass fuel through very small, precise openings which collect deposits requiring regular cleaning.
  • Our high pressure cleaning system attacks and removes these unwanted deposits in the fuel system and air intake system.
Ignition and Electrical Diagnosis
  • Ignition diagnosis of conventional distributor systems to sophisticated DIS systems is available through Mobile Tech Automotive.
  • On-board oscilloscopes and data scan tools allow accurate and fast diagnosis of current automotive ignition systems.
  • Low voltage to high voltage electrical systems can also be diagnosed and repaired by our fully equipped technicians.
Electronic Information
  • All technicians equipped with up-to-date and current service information and repair manuals using computer CD-ROM systems.
  • Technical service bulletins and electrical wiring diagrams available for consultation for quick and accurate repair of vehicle systems.